To order online with KBTEducation, please follow the below process and order in 5 easy steps:

After reviewing our courses and making your choice on which course you would like to attend, please follow the below process:

1) Go to the course calendar on the right hand side of the website site highlighted in blue.

2) Pick your desired month.

3) Then pick the course you would like to attend.

4) Then click on the drop down menu and pick the date and venue you would like to attend.

5) Finally click on the "ADD TO BASKET" button and this will enable you to book your course via Paypal.

You will then receive confirmation from Paypal and then a formal confirmation from KBTEducation about the course you have booked. Courses are generally paid in full prior to attendance.For more information on flexible payment options, visit our link to our Terms and Conditions below.

For more information go to our terms and conditions page.


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