Course Dates - July

Callisthenics Level 1, 1st - 2nd  of July, Cardiff

British Weightlifting Level 1 Coaching Course 1st - 2nd  July -  South London

Assessment 8th of July  - South London

Strength & Conditioning Level 1 1st - 2ndJuly  -  Cardiff

Weightlifting Workshop 1st of July - Cardiff

Kettlebells Level 1   2nd July - Cardiff

Strength & Conditioning Level 11st - 2ndJuly   - Henley 

Weightlifting Workshop 1st of July - Henley  

Kettlebells Level 1   2nd July -  Henley 

Strength & Conditioning Level 1 8th – 9th Of July  -  London VA

Weightlifting Workshop 8th – Of July  - London VA

Kettlebells Level 1   9th Of July  - London VA

Strength and Conditioning for MMA 8th to 9th of July, Henley in Arden, Warwickshire Contact us to book

Strength & Conditioning Level 2, 15th to 16th of July, Essex

Kettlebells Level 2,  16th of July, Essex

Strength & Conditioning Level 115th-16th  July -  Portsmouth

Weightlifting Workshop15th July -  Portsmouth

Kettlebells Level 1  16th of July - Portsmouth

Strength & Conditioning Level 1 15th-16th  July -  Leeds 

Weightlifting Workshop15th July -  Leeds

Kettlebells Level 1  16th of July - Leeds

Strength & Conditioning for MMA, 22nd-23rd July  - Henley in Arden

Strength & Conditioning Level 2 22nd-23rd July  - London

Kettlebells Level 2    23rd of July - London

Strength & Conditioning Level 1 22nd -23rd July Exeter

Weightlifting Workshop 22nd of July Exeter 

Kettlebells Level 1   23rd of July Exeter 

Strength & Conditioning Level 1 22nd -23rd July - Manchester

Weightlifting Workshop 22nd of July - Manchester 

Kettlebells Level 1   23rd of July - Manchester 

Strength & Conditioning Level 4, 28th of July, Birmingham

Strength & Conditioning Level 4, 29th of July, Tunbridge Wells, Kent       

Powerlifting Level 1 29th to 30th of July – London

Ultimate Kettlebells29th to 30th of July - Essex



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