KBT Nutrition For Health

Course Title:

  • KBT Nutrition For Health

What makes our course unique compared to other providers:

  • The Only Nutrition Course in the UK covering in depth cell biology and analysis of essential fatty acids and its role in human health

What will you learn:

  • The biological structure and function of the digestive system.
  • The Foundation of Human Health and essential nutrients.
  • Food types and how the body metabolises and utilises fats, proteins and carbohydrates and the effects of these nutrients have both physically and psychologically.
  • The Sugar- fat Connection.
  • An examination of fats and the role of fats within the body and understanding
  • the essential role fats play in human health.
  • Cholesterol – dispelling confusion.
  • Calorie counting, why it fails and how to lose body fat
  • Malnutrition and other deficiencies and the consequences of inadequate
  • nutrition.
  • Basic nutritional assessment of diet and food planning for your clients to
  • enhance both health and performance.

Course Duration:

  • One day theory based course over 8 hour’s duration.


  • 8 hours theory course, including a case study. Our student must then develop a nutrition plan, utilising information that has been covered within the course, which will aim improve the case study’s body composition and performance. This planmust then be submitted for review.

Entry Requirements:

  • Experienced Reps Level 2 Gym Instructors
  • Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer’s
  • Level 4 Exercise Specialists
  • Sports coaches
  • Police force PT’s
  • Fire department PT’s
  • Military PTI’s

Certification & CPD points:

  • A KBTEducation certificate will be issued, upon successful completion of your assessments.

Course Cost:

  • New Customer £157.50 Plus VAT
  • Existing Customer £140.00 Plus VAT

Course Benefits:

  • Each student will receive an in depth colour manual covering nutrition
  • Students will learn how to assess and devise a nutrition program
  • Achieve KBTEducation Nutrition For Health certificate.
  • Support & Guidance from KBT Education on your future CPD.

Additional Benefits

  • Opportunity to become a member of the KBTEducation National Coaching Team (Pending successful completion of the course and an interview with the KBT
  • Education Management Team.)
  • Continual Professional Development with KBTEducation.
  • Automatic discount on further courses

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