What makes our course unique compared to other providers

  • Our Level 4 Strength and Conditioning course is the most advanced Strength and Conditioning course in the UK. Our course is delivered over a 10 month duration covering 150 hrs and includes, 6 Face to Face Practical and Theory days and a 7th day for the assessment, which includes an exam, Viva and Practical assessments. In addition to this, the student will complete a 4 month case study and between 6-12 days as an intern at various Hubs. Our course is the only course in the UK to be REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) and CIMSPA (Chartered institute for the management of Sport) accredited and the first Strength and Conditioning Course to be recognised by an organisation with Chartered status.
  • The delivery team and creators of the course include GB Weightlifting Coach Sam Dovey, GB Powerlifting Coach and World Champion Delroy Mcqueen, GB Sports Osteopath Emma Clarkson Bsc Sport Science, BSc Osteopathy, GB Strength Coaches, John Buckland, BSc Sport Science, Charlie Large, BSc Sports Science, (MSc Strength & Conditioning Ongoing), Mark Coulson BSc Sports Science, MSc Strength and Conditioning. All of our team are full time Coaches and Tutors and Practitioners and work with elite athletes on a daily basis.
  • Our course covers,
    • Postural analysis, movement screening and Body composition analysis, developed by GB Sports Osteopath Emma Clarkson
    • Performance Testing, Monitoring & Working as Part of a Multi-disciplinary team, developed by team
    • Weightlifting for Strength and Conditioning, developed by Level 4 BAWLA Coach Sam Dovey
    • Powerlifting & Strength training, developed by GB Powerlifting Coach and World Champion Delroy Mcqueen
    • Speed Agility & Plyometrics, developed by Charlie Large, Mark Coulson and team
    • Program Design, developed by Level 4 BAWLA Coach Sam Dovey
    • Plus an assessment day, intern days and a 4 month case study
  • Our content is evidence based and includes practice based methods used by Sam Dovey and his team over 18 years, with thousands of athletes, across 20 Olympic sports at international level.
  • Our course is DSW Education and REPS & CIMSPA Accredited. It’s the only Strength and Conditioning Course in the UK accredited by a chartered organisation.


What will you learn

Day 1 – – Postural Analysis & Movement Screening & Body Composition Analysis

  • How to assess incorrect posture.
  • Identifying Mal-alignment of the spine and peripheral joints.
  • Identification of muscle chains and the application to correct lifting techniques
  • Muscle testing for specific lower limb
  • Movement Screening
  • Body Composition analysis – covering the latest validated methods

Day 2 –Performance Testing, Monitoring & Working as Part of a Multi-disciplinary team.

  • Power application testing
  • Power testing
  • Muscle Fibre Testing
  • Strength testing
  • Anaerobic testing
  • Monitoring
  • Working as Part of a Multi-disciplinary team

Day 3 – Weightlifting

  • Application of Weightlifting for Strength and Conditioning and Sports Performance

Day 4 – Powerlifting & Advanced Strength Training

  • Application of Advanced Bilateral and Unilateral Strength training to Strength and Conditioning and Sports Performance

Day 5 – Speed Agility & Plyometrics & Formative Assessments

  • Force – Velocity Curve
  • Strength – Speed Continuum
  • Ballistics
  • Plyometrics
  • The Science of Plyometric training
  • Application of Speed, Agility and Plyo drills

Day 6 – Program Design

  • History of Periodisation
  • Traditional Periodisation, covering Macrocycles, Mesocycles, Microcycles
  • Modern Periodisation
  • Periodisation & its application based on training age and fibre dominance
  • Types of training cycles, Linear, Step and Wave Cycles
  • Undulating periodisation
  • Conjugate periodisation
  • Advanced systems

Day 7 – Formal Assessment Day.

9.30 – 10.30 am – MCQ exam

10.30 – 1.30 pm – Presentations (viva voce)

1.30 – 2.30 pm – Lunch

2.30 – 5.30 pm – Practical assessments

Strength and Conditioning Course Duration:

  • Our Strength and Conditioning Level 4 will be delivered over 7 days, which will be completed over 10 months. This will include theory & practice based content and will cover 150 hours of content. The delivery for this will be in the following format.
    • Month 1 Day 1 – Postural Analysis & Movement Screening & Body Composition Analysis
      • Plus 2 intern days covering this topic area at a Hub
    • Month 2 Day 2 – Performance Testing, Monitoring & Working as Part of a Multi-disciplinary team.
      • Plus 2 intern days covering this topic area at a Hub
    • Month 3 Day 2 – Weightlifting
      • Plus 2 intern days covering this topic area at a Hub
    • Month 4 Day 4 – Powerlifting & Advanced Strength Training
      • Plus 2 intern days covering this topic area at a Hub
    • Month 5 Day 5 – Speed Agility & Plyometrics & Formative Assessments
      • Plus 2 intern days covering this topic area at a Hub
    • Month 6  Day 6 – Program Design
      • Plus 4 intern days over 3 months, covering months, 7,8 and 9, including all topic areas at a Hub in preparation for the assessment day

Strength and Conditioning Course Duration assessment:

  • Our Day 7 Month 10 will be our Level 4 assessment, schedule listed below

o   MCQ exam

o   Presentations (viva voce) – Case Study

o   Lunch

o   Practical assessments

Entry Requirements

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer + Strength & Conditioning Level 1
  • Military PTI’s + Strength & Conditioning Level 1
  • Police force PT’s + Strength & Conditioning Level 1
  • Fire department PT’s + Strength & Conditioning Level 1
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer + UKSCA Foundation Workshop
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer + 1st4Sport Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Course
  • REPS Level 3 or 4 PT’s & BASES PT’s/ Senior Sports Coaches, who can demonstrate or provide evidence for (Assessment of prior learning) to apply for our Level 4 course.
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer + BSc in Sport & Exercise Science or BSc in Strength and Conditioning

Certification & CPD points

  • A DSW Education certificate will be issued, upon successful completion of your assessments.
  • 20 REPS CPD points– to help meet your continual professional development requirements.
  • CIMPSA Accredited.

Strength and conditioning Course Cost

  • New Customer £945.00
  • Existing Customer £875.00

Strength and conditioning Course Benefits

  • Each student will receive an in depth colour manual covering all content at Level 4
  • Tutor Support for the 10 month course duration
  • Free Intern Days at various Hubs
  • Opportunity to become a member of the DSW Education National Coaching Team
  • (Pending successful completion of the course and an interview with the DSW Education Management Team.)
  • Achieve DSW Education Strength and Conditioning Level 4 Coach, Qualification which is REPS & CIMPSA Accredited.
  • Support & Guidance from DSW Education on your future CPD.

Continual Professional Development with DSW Education.

  • Automatic discount on all of DSW Education’ s course solutions.

2018 Course Dates

  • Day 1: 16th March
  • Day 2: 20th April
  • Day 3: 18th May
  • Day 4: 15th June
  • Day 5: 20th July
  • Day 6: 17th August
  • Internship from 20th August – 29th November
  • Final assessment will be on 30th November 2017

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