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The Only Kettlebell, Nutrition & Suspension Training Courses in the UK that is KBT Education & REPS Accredited.

Introduction to Kettlebells Level 1

The only Level 1 Kettlebell Course in the UK that Covers the Traditional Kettlebell Swings and Olympic Style Swing Variations. We also Cover The Traditional Pre Swing Style Snatches and Cleans and the Dead Snatch and Clean Variations.

Advanced Kettlebells Level 2

The only Advanced Kettlebell Course in the UK covering 2 hand Kettlebell variations, covering Outside the Leg Swings, Dead Snatch and Clean Variations, Renegade Rows, Sots Presses, Advanced Pistols and reviewing and discussing accentuated eccentric training & Kettlebells.

Ultimate Kettlebells

Ultimate Kettlebells - The UK's most advanced 2 day Kettlebell course. Covering Kettlebell Basics, Advanced kettlebells, Basic & Advanced Program design for 121, group, class and Bootcamp training. Functional movement analysis using Kettlebells and accentuated eccentric training using Kettlebells.

Suspension Trainer Level 1

Our Suspension Trainer Level 1 Course brings together researched based Strength & Conditioning methods in conjunction with Suspension training equipment and rigs

Suspension Trainer Level 2

Our Suspension Trainer Level 2 Course, develops the concept further, of bringing together researched based Strength & Conditioning methods in conjunction with Suspension training equipment and rigs. Throughout our level 2 course we move into more advanced Isotonic, Isometric and Ballistic movements and more into advanced gymnastic movements.

Advanced Nutrition For Health

The biological structure and function of the digestive system. The Foundation of Human Health and essential nutrients. Food types and how the body metabolises and utilises fats, proteins and carbohydrates and the effects of these nutrients have both physically and psychologically.

Advanced Nutrition For Performance

A recap of digestive biology, structure and function.More Biology: Cells, organelles and membranes. Health and performance: How foods affect hormones within the body and how Super foods and Supplements can be used to promote health and performance.

Callisthenics training course Level 1

Our Callisthenics training course is aimed at any one involved with in an exercise program, whether from a health, wellness or fitness spectrum. It is also suitable for Military Personnel, Emergency Services & Combat athletes where relative bodyweight strength and optimal movement is applicable.

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