Rosi Sexton | Coach Educator

Rosi is a KBT Coach Educator and a former UFC Fighter.

Experience: Coach Educator

Background & Philosophy

Rosi has been involved in martial arts since being a (not particularly sporty) teenager. In 1999, she first discovered MMA and decided that she wanted to fight. Over the next fourteen years, she paved the way for female MMA in the UK and Europe; was for two years ranked the #1 female flyweight in the world; and competed for Cage Warriors, EliteXC and Bellator before becoming the UK’s first female UFC fighter. 

Unlike many coaches who draw a clear divide between “technical” training and “strength and conditioning”, she's always believed that the two need to work closely together. Fighting is a beautifully complicated and uniquely demanding sport, and to get a fighter performing close to his or her potential means achieving the right balance of many different ingredients. The foundation for coaching success is built upon a solid understanding of the key training methods and how to apply them to an individual athlete, which is what this course aims to deliver.

Rosi has recently joined the KBTEducation team and has developed the Strength & Conditioning for MMA Course with Director of Coaching Sam Dovey, that will be delivered accross the UK starting April 2016.


  • Registered Osteopath (BSc Osteopathy)

  • PhD Computer Science and BA Mathematics (Cambridge)

Role within KBT

  • Strength & Conditioning for Mixed Martial Marts Course